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Welcome to Gwinnett Mothers of Multiples Club

If you are a new, expecting or existing mother of a multiple you are welcome to join and help us multiply!

We have a meeting the second Tuesday of odd months January, March, July, September and November at Cannon United Methodist Church, 2424 Webb Gin House Road in Snellville, Georgia at 7:30pm. There is usually a speaker, idea sharing topics, activities and discussions followed by refreshments and club business. Twice a year we have a multiple share where members break into small groups with a format designed to help members exchange ideas on caring for their multiples.
GMOMs meetings are complimentary.

On the second Tuesday of even months February, April, June, August and October we have social dinner evenings or Mom's Night Out. The location will be announced the month prior on BigTent and will be held at various locations throughout Gwinnett.

If you are unable to come to the meetings or Mom's Night Out, no worries! We will have other special events scheduled during the year through BigTent including children play dates, family picnics or a retreat just for you!

Our Meeting Event is Holiday Bazaar November 10th

Make sure you look on Bigtent for the location!

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It's now time to renew your dues! For new members, dues remain $20, and with BigTent, you can pay electronically on-line (for $21.55). Of course, it is still possible to mail your dues and pay by cash or check. See the renewal form for the address. Our year started June 1st, and dues without a $5 late fee are due by August's meeting. Dues must be received before you will have full access to the group on BigTent.

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