Membership Benefits


There are many benefits of membership, including the following:


  • Making lifetime friendships with similar blessed challenges
  • Obtaining early access to our children consignment sales
  • Evening break from the kids (monthly meetings, mom's retreats, couple's nights out)
  • Family Swap Sitters
  • Obtaining helpful advice from other members and speakers
  • Joining a Tiny Tot Time or Preschool playgroup with other moms of multiples in the local area
  • Invited to Seasonal Events - Spring Easter, Fall Picnic, Christmas Parties


Joining the club is easy!


You can register online here using PayPal by BigTent or mail in a check. Membership dues are only $25 per year starting June 1st.  Once you sign up, you will receive an invitation to activate your membership via email and have access to BigTent.


We ask for you to renew your membership by using BigTent via Paypal or mail in your check to the address below before August's meeting.


GMOM Membership

P.O. Box 465201

Lawrenceville, GA 30042


Membership in the Gwinnett Mothers of Multiple Club is open to mothers of twins, triplets, or singletons with multiples.


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Available Membership Types

• Expecting Multiples

• Active Membership

• Free Membership


Requirement for Membership

You must be the parents, guardian, or expectant parents of multiples in order to join.

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Gwinnett Mothers Of Multiples Club


PO Box 465201

Lawrenceville, GA 30042